Proxy Season Resource Center

ISS research analysts and experts provide reviews and previews of proxy season developments in the United States and around the world.

2013 Post Season Report: Environmental & Social Issues

This report provides an overview of the key environmental and social (E&S) issues that arose during the 2013 proxy season as well as continuing trends to watch. 

2013 Proxy Season Preview: Australia and New Zealand

The Australian governance landscape is rapidly shifting under the feet of investors and companies while governance asset sales make big waves in New Zealand.

2013 Post Season Report: United States

This report includes a summary of shareholder vote results on key shareholder and management proposals at all U.S. companies with meetings dates of January 1, through June 30, 2013. The report also identifies and examines trends in executive compensation, governance and takeover defense proposals, environmental and social issues, and proxy contest activity.

2012 Post Season Report: Ireland

Notable government proposals and regulatory updates were made in the U.K. Corporate Governance Code and the Central Bank of Ireland Corporate Governance Code.

2012 U.S. Proxy Season Preview: Environmental & Social Issues

Investors have filed more proposals this year that relate to political spending and lobbying, but fewer resolutions on climate change and sustainability.

2012 U.S. Proxy Season Watchlist

A snapshot of high-profile U.S. shareholder proposal filings.

2012 U.S. Proxy Access Proposals

A table of the proxy access resolutions that investors have filed for the 2012 U.S. proxy season.

2012 Proxy Season Preview: China and Taiwan

The adoption of stock option plans is becoming more common in China and related-party transactions continue to be one of the key issues for the Chinese market. Taiwan regulators made a series of amendments to the Company Act in 2011 and earlier in 2012.

2012 Proxy Season Preview: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Say-on-pay is expected to once again attract significant shareholder interest in Switzerland, whereas fewer say-on-pay proposals are expected at German companies this season.

2012 Proxy Season Preview: France

Companies may provide better disclosure this year in response to recommendations from a regulatory working group.

2012 Proxy Season Preview: Canada

While say-on-pay votes are not yet mandated in Canada, about 120 companies are expected to have these proposals on their ballots this year.

2012 Proxy Season Preview: Italy

Director elections have become more contentious as more slates of candidates are competing for board seats, as a consequence of the record date system introduced in 2011.

2012 Proxy Season Preview: Spain

Companies will be watching closely to see whether the Spanish government implements a ministerial order to set a 12-year term limit on directors.

2012 Proxy Season Preview: Belgium

Belgian companies will be required to hold say-on-pay votes this year.

2012 Proxy Season Preview: South Korea

During the Korean proxy season, companies likely will seek approval for income allocation authority and other article amendments.


2012 Proxy Season Preview: Nordic Countries

M&A, board diversity, and changes in Sweden's supermajority rules are among the most significant issues in the Nordic markets this year.

2011 Proxy Season Review: Canada

More issuers continue to voluntarily adopt "say on pay," individual director elections, and majority voting policies. Additionally, increased shareholder engagement has replaced the filing of shareholder proposals to a significant degree, resulting in a diminished number of proposals filed as well as actually voted

2011 U.S. Postseason Report

A review of how investors voted during this year’s advisory votes on compensation, director elections, shareholder proposals on governance issues, and environmental and social resolutions.

2011 Proxy Season Review: Japan

Lack of board independence is still a major concern, but independence is improving slowly.

2011 Proxy Season Review: South Africa

This report highlights trends identified during the second half of 2011 with many companies continuing to adapt to the new legislative environment introduced by the Companies Act 2008, which finally came into force in May, and the King III code of best practice.

2011 Proxy Season Review: United Kingdom

The percentage of U.K. companies with declassified boards has increased dramatically this year.

2011 Voting Results Report: Europe

The overall level of shareholder dissent has remained static over the past four years, despite turbulence within European markets.

2011 Proxy Season Review: France

A significant trend this season was shareholders’ dissent on elections, related-party transactions, remuneration, and share capital increases. Several major companies developed strategies on these topics to avoid any shareholders’ sanction.

2011 Proxy Season Review: Belgium

Shareholder votes on remuneration are becoming more common in Belgium, as investors vote on "say on pay" proposals, severance pay, and stock options for independent directors.

2011 Proxy Season Review: Eastern Europe

Russian companies remove government officials from their boards, while changes to Russian legislation lead to a spike in resolutions to amend companies' corporate documents.

Preliminary 2011 U.S. Postseason Report

During the spring U.S. proxy season, most companies received broad support for their pay practices, while investors gave greater support to shareholder proposals seeking board declassification.

2011 U.S. Season Review: Governance Proposals

Shareholder proposals seeking board declassification are averaging 73.5 percent this year, up more than 12 percentage points from 2010.

2011 Proxy Season Review: Nordic Countries

Shareholders are becoming more active and filing an increasing number of shareholder proposals on a broad range of topics.

2011 Proxy Season Review: Greece

Large Greek companies have raised their corporate governance standards closer to those in other European markets.

2011 Proxy Season Review: Spain

In response to legislative changes, most Spanish issuers included amendment proposals on their meeting agendas this season to address shareholder meetings and directors.

2011 Proxy Season Review Switzerland

In Switzerland, the number of “say on pay” proposals increased by more than 100 percent this year, while shareholder activism appears to be on the rise.

2011 Proxy Season Review South Korea

This report reviews the South Korean proxy season.

U.S. Season Review: ‘Say on Pay’ Votes

While 36 companies have reported failed pay votes, most issuers have received overwhelming investor support during the first year of advisory votes mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act.

2011 U.S. Season Review: Governance Proposals

Shareholder proposals seeking board declassification are averaging 71 percent this year, up 10 percentage points from 2010.

2011 U.S. Season Review: E&S Proposals

The average investor support for shareholder resolutions on environmental and social (E&S) issues continues to rise.

2011 U.S. Proxy Season Scorecard

A summary of the vote results for shareholder proposals on leading governance and E&S topics.

2011 Proxy Season Review: United Kingdom

The percentage of U.K. companies with declassified boards has increased dramatically this year.