ProxyExchange is the industry-leading platform for accurate and efficient vote execution and reporting. Now even better.

ISS’ continued focus on innovation to deliver rich content, flexible workflows and an easy to use platform makes ProxyExchange the preferred platform to the world’s leading institutional investors.

Outsource the processing and management of proxy voting to a reliable partner while retaining complete control of the vote decision

ProxyExchange provides a single platform for corporate governance data, proxy decision-making, vote execution, reporting, screening and investment decision-making. The platform is designed for maximum efficiency, transparency, and flexibility – to help you manage the proxy voting process, seamlessly, globally, and across your entire organization.

Additional services are available through ProxyExchange to allow you to further streamline the voting process, optimize the user experience and make proxy voting easier, smarter and more accurate than ever before.

ISS supports client needs for:

Company & Meeting Research

User-Driven Workflows

Effective Decision Making Tools

Multiple User Types

Multiple Viewpoints on Governance

Detailed Vote Reports



  • Intuitive design and workflow, full browser compatibility
  • Automated strategies to handle complex voting issues, such as shareblocking and share recall
  • Support for international language in key workflow tools, including vote rationales, user-, meeting- and engagement-level notes, and Watchlists
  • Suite of 6 Watchlist Types (Account, Account Group, Country, Industry Sector, Issuer and Proposal Code) to enable users to effectively screen for the most critical meetings, ballots and run targeted reports / alerts


  • Company Profile provides easy access to company financials, research, source materials, meeting results, and other premium content
  • Voting Dashboard provides a summary view of mission-critical information and highlights key voting statistics to manage your workflow
  • Workflow and reporting solutions to support engagement activity*
  • Access to third party research, for clients that consider multiple viewpoints on corporate governance matters
    Meeting Results for over 40,000+ shareholder meetings annually
  • Datapoints integrated into the meeting workflow to assist with decision-making, including previous votes against management, market cap, ISS QualityScore, and shares outstanding


  • 360 degree view of issuer, meeting, proxy and research information in addition to custom research, rationales, and engagements
  • Support for multiple user types and access levels
  • Customizable alerts for immediate notification of meetings with unique circumstances
  • Intuitive Special Research Request feature to access ISS policy research outside of your coverage universe
  • Automated workflow tagging to prioritize voting and enable workload assignment


  • 99.85% system availability including scheduled maintenances
  • Sophisticated distributed architecture that grows with load
  • During peak proxy season, processes more than 200,000 ballots and 1,200 holdings files in a single day
  • Handles more than 8.5 million ballots and 290,000+ holdings files annually


  • Robust audit trails for visibility into ballots, accounts and votes cast
  • PolicyEngine for insight into the set up and management of custom policies
  • Integration of PolicyEngine with Refer+ Custom Policy solution, providing policy rationale for informed decision making


  • Share reconciliation to identify discrepancies between holdings and ballots received, including accounting for shares that are on loan
  • Client Directed Voting Service to meet fiduciary obligations for voting conflict meetings or securities

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