A complete service offering to assist you with every aspect of investment governance, from the back office to the front office.

As the focus on corporate governance and responsible investing intensifies in Australia, coupled with the growing movement towards enhanced oversight, transparency and disclosure, superannuation funds and other asset owners need an experienced partner that can assist with all of their environmental, social and governance needs.

As asset managers and owners closely follow their investee companies and engage on a regular basis, ISS offers content and tools to identify risk in their portfolio. ISS delivers in-depth proxy research and analysis on approximately 44,000 meetings globally including 1200 Australia-based public companies, with local market support for all proxy voting clients in Australia and Asia.


Unparalleled Experience

30 year history working with asset owners and 10+ year history in Australia

Local Presence & Global Reach

Research team based in Sydney, with additional support by 30 global offices and research staff that bring unique perspectives into capital market, regulatory and business structures in 115 markets

Superior Client Service

Local client service and support team serves as an extension of your team, allowing you to optimize internal resources

AFSL Holder

ISS Australia Pty Ltd (“ISS”) is the holder of an Australian Financial Services License issued pursuant to section 913B of the Corporations Act 2001. In addition, ISS is subject to regulation by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission


Governance Research & Advisory

Australian asset owners are increasing the proportion of assets managed in-house, in addition to managing their internal proxy voting policies and their proxy voting activity for both domestic and global investments. Making your voice heard at shareholder meetings is at the core of being an active owner.

ISS delivers policy and research services that cover a spectrum of shareholder interests and enable them to make informed voting decisions on the thousands of resolutions they need to vote each year.

Proxy Voting Services

In the search of more diversified portfolios, and with the aim of spreading risk and increasing returns, cross-border voting is gaining presence. The global reach might add to the complexity of the asset owners’ workflow, not only from a governance perspective but also from an operational perspective.

ISS helps you effectively manage the complex responsibilities around proxy voting compliance, reporting, and workflow and better meet the demands of your stakeholders. During the highly concentrated Australian AGM season (October to December) and overseas (February to the end of June), it is important to manage the voting process in the most efficient way and ensure your votes are cast at the shareholder meeting. ISS’ ProxyExchange  platform sets the industry standard in proxy voting, enabling investors to increase productivity, streamline workflows and tackle compliance requirements with ease.  Additional services through Global Meeting Results and Vote Disclosure further streamline the process and provide insight that you can deliver to your Board and other stakeholders.

Investment Insights & Risk Monitoring

Through ISS QualityScore, which covers the local ASX200 and the Custom Risk Flagging Service, ISS provides investment and governance professionals the content and tools they need to identify and manage governance risk and fulfil fiduciary obligations around active ownership. ISS’ solutions enable asset owners to screen their portfolio for risks in the areas of board, audit, remuneration, shareholder, financial or company issues, by looking at vote recommendations, meeting results and other company data.

Superannuation funds can leverage ISS’ Governance Risk Report to flag key issues in external managers’ proxy voting activities and highlight areas of potential headline risk. It also enables you to uncover discrepancies between asset owner mandates and manager voting practices, and your votes on high-profile and/or contested meetings.

ESG Risk Screening, Research & Analysis

ISS-Ethix research, analysis and advisory solutions to align SRI policies and practices with shareholder interests.

  • Policy Development
  • Research, Analysis and Portfolio Monitoring
  • Engagement support

RepRisk solutions to identify and assess ESG risks related to thousands of companies, projects and sectors.

  • Online Platform, Data Feeds & Company Reports
Securities Class Action Services

ISS’ superior technology and service allows investors to maximize recoveries and meet fiduciary responsibilities in international securities class actions. Different jurisdictions have different regimes, and asset owners need to be able to make informed decisions based on detailed case analyses to determine whether it is in the best interest of the super fund to participate in the class action or not.

ISS Securities Class Action Services offers a complete end-to-end litigation research and claims filing solution with recognized loss calculations, options ingestion capabilities and claim tracking tailored to clients’ historical transactions.

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Meet Regulatory and Best Practice Standards for Vote Disclosure

ISS provides full support and turnkey solutions to help clients effectively achieve compliance with regulatory requirements such as the Financial Services Council (FSC) Standards and the Stronger Super Reforms (RG 252) in Australia, as well as other best practice guidelines for stewardship.

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