ISS Nordic Investor Services offers global research, analysis and voting recommendations on both Annual General and Special meetings focused on the needs and views of Nordic investors.

The ISS NIS team has expertise in the Nordic markets, including an understanding of the critical areas of difference between Nordic and global governance systems, of many issuers and corporate governance codes.


Nordic Investor Services operated as an independent company in Stockholm from 2002 to 2021 before joining the ISS group of companies in 2021.

NIS was founded to help Nordic Investors build and implement sustainable stewardship programs.

The services evolved over the years to include development of bespoke voting policies and NIS analysis and voting recommendations on Annual General and other meetings. The NIS team provided and continues to provide hands on customer service to ensure subscribing investors are able to vote their intentions in meetings in the Nordics, and increasingly other global markets.

NIS was acquired by ISS in 2021, with a commitment to continue its Nordic-investor focused research service.


The ISS NIS service continues to allow Nordic investors to develop and implement voting policies with a high degree of customization and focus on specific needs and viewpoints of Nordic investors, resulting in highly relevant, Nordic investor-focused, governance research and voting recommendations. The experienced staff is available for discussions on ISS NIS client policy formulation or specific meetings, and remains located in the ISS Stockholm office.

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