ISS’ suite of ESG solutions enable investors to develop and integrate responsible investing policies and practices into their strategy, and execute upon these policies through end-to-end voting.

ISS-Ethix assists financial professionals with their investment-decision making through a fully integrated global solution for responsible investing.

As institutional investors consider ways to integrate ESG into their investment processes, ISS-Ethix delivers comprehensive solutions that combine ISS’ legacy of expertise in corporate governance with the expertise from ISS-Ethix and IW Financial in environmental and social research and analysis, climate change data, analytics and advisory from CNI, as well as dynamic ESG and reputational risk data and analytics from RepRisk.

Delivered under the ISS-Ethix brand, these solutions enable investors to manage risk, implement their investment strategy, and engage companies to enhance ESG policies and practices.



responsible investing policies



on their ESG approaches to clients and stakeholders



ESG into their investment decisions



in shareholder meetings



with companies on ESG issues


European and U.S. Asset Owners’ Approaches to ESG | In this report, ISS compares U.S. and European asset owners’ approaches to ESG, with the aim of informing investment managers’ evolving strategies.

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ISS’ Guide to Sustainable Investing | Responsible investing is a growing discipline, as companies and investors work together to integrate policy and practice to create long term value.

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