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The ISS Feedback Review Board (FRB) provides a mechanism for all stakeholders (corporate issuers, institutional investors and various market constituents) to communicate with ISS.

ISS has long been committed to engagement and has continuously raised the bar for transparency and inclusion in its policy formulation and its research process. Since 2005, ISS has been inviting asset managers, asset owners, alternative investment managers, corporations and market constituents to provide input into its proxy voting policies worldwide.

With the introduction of the FRB, ISS sets a new standard for openness to all market participants.

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What the FRB is

  • An ISS body that considers comments from market constituents regarding accuracy of research, accuracy of data, policy application and general fairness of ISS policies, research and recommendations.
  • A commitment from ISS that comments and concerns will be reviewed regularly and considered in a prompt manner. Please note, however, that ISS will not necessarily respond to every submission.
  • A mechanism for notifying ISS of factual inaccuracies in its data or research.

What the FRB is not

  • A replacement for established channels for engaging with ISS (i.e., annual policy survey, policy comment period, Research Helpdesk, analyst calls and in-person meetings, etc.).
  • An avenue for policy questions or interpretations (please contact our Research Helpdesk for this).
  • A conduit for lobbying or advocating for favorable vote recommendations.

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