Assess and manage cyber risk across ESG investments with a data driven and behavioral analytic approach.

Assess and Monitor Cyber Risk Exposure as Part of a Holistic Assessment Approach

The ISS Cyber Risk Score solution delivers actionable information investors need to understand cyber breach risk exposure across investment portfolios while monitoring the security risks of third-party/supply chain relationships identified within their investments.


In this ISS ESG Foreword episode, Head of ESG Cyber Risk Solutions and Strategy, Kimberly Manibusan, details how the ISS Cyber Risk Score can help investors and boards assess and quantify risk and highlights the top three reasons to rely on the ISS Cyber Risk Score Solution.

Emerging and evolving regulations require the investor community to actively evaluate and quantify cyber risk across its investments. The Cyber Risk Score helps investors identify and mitigate cyber risk exposure present within their investments in order to ensure long term viability and cyber resiliency.

The Cyber Risk Score provides stable, long-term indicators of network security risks based on a diverse set of inputs, global cybersecurity threats and proprietary analytical methods, helping investors understand cyber risk behaviours and resiliency actions performed at an individual investment and portfolio level.

  • Quantify cyber risk exposure in order to successfully sustain business investments
  • Assess the risk of third-party organizations and vendor supply chain dependencies
  • Continuously monitor the long-term likelihood of a data breach potential across investments and benchmark portfolio performance


The Cyber Risk Score employs a complex assessment of network assets, applies advanced predictive algorithms, and then condenses the results down to an easy-to-interpret score metric that effectively measures cyber risk exposure and the potential for a breach event.


Actionable metric based on global risk indicators that reflects cyber security risk behaviours vs point in time assessment


Machine learning algorithm based on predictive objective outcome based on cyber risk indicators


Over 7 years of global historical cyber risk data for model training

The ISS Cyber Score For:

With the rise of ransomware and global cyber-attacks, the ISS Cyber Score can support asset managers with assessing and minimizing significant reputational damages and long-term financial losses associated with data breaches.

Trust Cyber Risk Score to help you assess and manage your cyber exposure.

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