Your policy. Your way.

Bespoke and custom policy and research to meet the unique needs of institutional investors and their clients

Custom policies can be supported by the services of a custom research analyst who handles the end-to-end management of your policy and implementation of your voting recommendations across every company in your portfolio.

ISS offers an extensive array of proxy voting policies to meet the varied needs of institutional investors and their clients. ISS also manages fully custom voting policies and implements voting recommendations for clients who want to vote their proxies according to their own specific guidelines and philosophies.

Specialty Policy & Research

ISS’ multiple policy choices include a suite of benchmark policies covering the world, including U.S., Canada, U.K. European, EMEA, Asia-Pacific, Japan, Australia, and additional markets by region. ISS’ specialty policies are developed through an inclusive process that takes advantage of ISS’ own expertise and the input of the broader governance community.

ISS’ Multiple Policy Choices:

  • U.S. Benchmark Policy
  • European Benchmark Policy
  • International Benchmark Policy
  • Taft-Hartley Labor Policy
  • Socially Responsible Policy
  • Faith-based Policy
  • Sustainability Policy
  • Climate Policy
Custom Policy & Research

For clients with highly specialized governance needs, ISS’ custom policy solutions allow for the flexible set up, management and modeling of voting policies.


Using our PolicyEngine platform, you can apply ISS’ comprehensive dataset and logic-based automation to generate static, policy-based or condition-based vote recommendations. PolicyEngine can be used as a standalone to create and manage a custom policy in a ‘sandbox’ environment, or leveraged in conjunction with ISS’ custom research for a highly consultative, turn-key solution.

ISS’ Custom Research:

  • Collaborative approach to help you develop policy guidelines that drive the research and recommendations for every company in your portfolio
  • Knowledgeable analysts with expertise in areas such as board practices, executive compensation, proxy access, labor-driven and corporate social responsibility issues.
  • Monitoring of new and emerging trends and new types of shareholder proposals, to help you adapt your policy guidelines

Custom Policy & Specialty Research
Enhanced Custom Research

Enhanced Custom Research provides data, analysis and vote recommendations that support your perspectives, in a format that is easy-to-use and tailored to your specific needs and workflow.


Our Enhanced Custom Service includes everything in our Custom Research Service while allowing you to customize report content and combine your custom vote recommendations with ISS’ benchmark analysis.

Data options to support your policy guidelines:

  • Environmental & Social Controversy Flags
  • QualityScore Profiles
  • Board Diversity Addendum
  • Dilution & Burn Rate Addendum
  • Executive Compensation Addendum
  • Additional Custom Data

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