Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) endeavors to assist journalists covering stories of interest to our clients, and more generally to followers of financial markets, by providing, where appropriate, research, data, analytics, and expert commentary. All requests from the media should be directed in writing to

While recognizing that our proxy research is for the benefit of our clients and not other constituents, ISS believes it is appropriate to provide select proxy research to certain widely recognized and publicly accessible media outlets, but only upon request (and never in advance of delivery to ISS clients), in instances where we believe the public may benefit from the information and in keeping with ISS’ commitment to transparency. Proxy research provided to media outlets must generally contain the same disclaimers and/or qualifications or limitations on use that would apply to the delivery of such research to any third party in the ordinary course. ISS does not issue press releases with respect to its voting recommendations. Proxy research will not be made available to the media prior to its dissemination to ISS clients, and ISS staff will generally not comment on company-specific situations in advance of a shareholder meeting. Please note requests for proxy research reports should be made no earlier than 16 calendar days ahead of the relevant shareholder meeting and, in keeping with our media policy, we do not provide ad hoc commentary on upcoming meetings beyond forwarding reports, nor do we provide copies of our reports to news outlets fully behind a paywall. Reports are proprietary to ISS clients and not available publicly and are only made available to media at our discretion and upon written request within the aforementioned window. For requests that meet the foregoing criteria, please expect our response within one business day.

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Any redistribution of ISS research or data is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of ISS. Permission to copy and reproduce content may be granted by ISS, at its discretion, and by written request only.

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