As a leading provider of research and data to institutional investors, corporations, and governance practitioners globally, ISS is pleased to aid credentialed journalists in stories covering issues of importance to our clients. Reporters may draw on three broad data sets, including: Governance QuickScore, ExecComp Analytics, and Voting Analytics. An overview of each is provided below.

QualityScore helps investors identify and measure corporate governance risk across four broad pillars: board structure, compensation/remuneration, shareholder rights, and audit. The coverage universe encompasses 5,600 companies in 30 global markets, including the largest 3,000 corporations in the U.S.

ISS makes available to clients a wealth of compensation data covering total pay and select pay elements for executives across major global capital markets, including for: 4,000+ U.S. companies; 500+ Canadian companies; 500+ U.K. companies; and 700+ Australian companies. Data are available U.S. CEO pay for the top 3,000 companies by market capitalization dating back to 2006, and for Named Executive Officers (NEOs) dating back to fiscal 2010. Director pay for the top 3,000 corporations also is available.

ISS’ Voting Analytics provides insight into proxy season voting trends by providing real-time access to U.S. company voting results within days of disclosure. Users can also leverage shareholder proponent data from 2004 to present in order monitor shareholder proposals and their status for upcoming and historic proxy meetings. Outside the U.S., Voting Analytics includes thousands of annual vote records for individual proposals at meetings for more than 1,000 companies in 24 other countries including the U.K.


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