Win tomorrow’s fund sale with the most complete and accurate
distribution data on the UK investment market


UK Model Portfolio Sales Report

A comprehensive data-driven insight into the breadth and depth of the UK’s model portfolio market

Model portfolios are a key driver of fund flows within the UK financial adviser industry. Today, financial adviser firms using at least one model account for 90% of platform gross sales. 

In our newly available report, we dive deep into our industry leading data, to help you understand the growing importance of model portfolio sales within the UK retail channel. 

Financial Clarity brings you the edge required to win the next fund sale. Covering over 90% of the UK retail market reported directly by Platforms, Fund Manager Groups, and Life and Pension Companies, we provide you access to the most complete and accurate coverage on the UK investment market.

Our solution helps you to win business, increase market share and perform product analysis to identify new opportunities and enhance your strategies. With unrivaled breadth, depth and accuracy of data, Financial Clarity is the UK’s leading provider for funds distribution intelligence.


Uncover the full UK retail distribution landscape to propel your sales, marketing and product strategies

We collect exclusive contact, fund flows and holdings data monthly to create an aggregated view of the whole UK investment market. These are then mapped back to the individual outlet in which they occurred creating the most complete and accurate view you need to succeed in the UK financial intermediary market.


Unrivalled market and proprietary data

  • Contact, Firm, Network, Group, and Platform (including model portfolio and off-platform assets)
  • Market and Own Sales Data
  • Historical AUM covering 3-years
  • Regional territory breakdown
  • Fund ratings and sector analysis – including ISS ESG fund ratings, Morningstar and Investment Association 

Actionable analysis

  • Simple, intuitive dashboards with contact, fund flows and asset level information at your preferred aggregation breakdown
  • Custom built solutions for CRM integration
  • Range of data visualisations, including chart, report and heat mapping
  • Streamlined reporting in one single view
  • Data exporting functionality




  • Have more impactful client conversations with access to the latest fund trends and sales at market and firm level
  • Quickly assess investment activity for your key accounts with analysis including sales and asset allocation breakdowns by sector and platforms used


  • Analyse your events and campaigns more effectively, helping you to achieve better ROI
  • Identify, generate and assess invite lists for events and pinpoint your best locations with heat map functionality to identify hot spots


  • Evaluate latest product trends and industry changes to enhance your own strategies
  • Get deeper analysis across the full market with sector and historical fund performance data

Business Intelligence

  • Enrich your CRM content with access to fund level data and provide a total market view to help identify new opportunities
  • Custom built solutions, including integrating our contact database with your CRM, updated monthly

“In the last 2 years, we’ve seen over 20% increase in AUM made possible with the level of intelligence the platform gives us and the exceptional client support from the team. With the most complete and accurate UK distribution data, Financial Clarity is our provider of choice for the UK retail funds market.”

Top 5 UK Asset Manager

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