End-to-end proxy voting & corporate governance solutions.




More than 35-year history working with asset owners and 15+ year history in Australia.



Sydney-based research team supported by offices in 25 global locations that bring unique perspectives into capital market, regulatory & business structures.



Local client service and support team serves as an extension of your team, allowing you to optimize internal resources.



ISS offers the simplicity of working with one provider that utilizes proprietary data and the ease of using one integrated platform for proxy research, voting and reporting. ISS’ agile and secure technology enables you to manage the entire voting process and flawlessly execute your mandates, proxy season after proxy season.

During the highly concentrated Australian AGM season (October to December) and overseas (February to the end of June), it is important to manage the voting process in the most efficient way and ensure your votes are cast at the shareholder meeting. ISS’ ProxyExchange platform enables investors to increase productivity, streamline workflows and tackle compliance requirements with ease.

ISS offers an extensive array of proxy voting policies to meet the varied needs of institutional investors and their clients. ISS also manages fully custom voting policies and implements voting recommendations for clients who want to vote their proxies according to their own specific guidelines and philosophies.

Understand and integrate climate and carbon factors into your voting policies. Tailor your voting at portfolio companies based on their climate change risk, disclosures and performance.

Turnkey recordkeeping & disclosure services to help you efficiently and cost-effectively achieve compliance with relevant global regulatory requirements, stewardship codes, and best practice guidelines.

Enable dialogue and connect stewardship teams with internal stakeholders.

Seamlessly connect and share insights between stewardship teams and investment professionals using ISS Communicator’s interactive workflow solution.

Fully integrated within ProxyExchange, ISS Engagement Letter Writing is a flexible, dynamic solution to support investors’ stewardship engagement strategies.

ISS’ Engagement Suite provides investors with an effective and efficient means to manage their engagement activities across portfolio companies. The full suite of services allows investors to manage inbound engagement requests from issuers, easily create and maintain engagement discussions and outcomes, and meet internal and external compliance and reporting needs.

ISS’ superior technology and service allows investors to maximize recoveries and meet fiduciary responsibilities in international securities class actions. Different jurisdictions have different regimes, and asset owners need to be able to make informed decisions based on detailed case analyses to determine whether it is in the best interest of the super fund to participate in the class action or not.

ISS Securities Class Action Services offers a complete end-to-end litigation research and claims filing solution with recognized loss calculations, options ingestion capabilities and claim tracking tailored to clients’ historical transactions.

Keep pace with the latest trends and topics impacting the investment community with ISS Insights.

Meet Regulatory and Best Practice Standards for Vote Disclosure

ISS provides full support and turnkey solutions to help clients effectively achieve compliance with regulatory requirements such as the Financial Services Council (FSC) Standards and the Stronger Super Reforms (RG 252) in Australia, as well as other best practice guidelines for stewardship.

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