Unlocking Investment Opportunities: Biodiversity and TNFD Reporting

Although the measuring of biodiversity-related financial risk is still an emerging topic for investors, the importance of measuring biodiversity loss and adhering to existing and emerging biodiversity-related disclosure frameworks has become increasingly significant.

Watch the replay of our 30th November webinar to hear our experts discuss:

  • Biodiversity and related material risks and opportunities for investors
  • How investors can assess their portfolio’s impact on biodiversity
  • The way that ISS ESG is supporting clients with TNFD reporting

Estelle Parker, Executive Manager, RIAA
Julia Leske, Head of ESG and Governance Sales APAC, ISS
Soumya Munagala, Client Success, ISS ESG


30 November 2023
1:30pm AEDT
Duration: 45 Minutes

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