Spotlight on the G in ESG:

The Governance of Diversity & E&S Practices

The racial and social justice protests of 2020 brought into sharp focus the issue of racial equality and the role of investors and their portfolio companies in contributing to a more equitable society.

Many corporate issuers and institutional investors have committed to and taken steps in support of various diversity initiatives. Some corporations have begun disclosing more information regarding the racial/ethnic makeup of their directors, officers, rank-and-file employees, and other related matters such as diversity policies. Institutional investors have been filing diversity shareholder proposals, conducting diversity engagements, launching diversity funds, and amending proxy voting policies to include considerations regarding director race/ethnicity.

In this webinar, ISS panelists will look at ISS Diversity Data and trends related to director and executive racial, ethnic, and gender diversity in the boardroom and C-suite levels, and common approaches to incorporating diversity into proxy voting policies. The panelists will also touch on how good governance practices can be used to improve corporate environmental and social practices, such as the growing prevalence of E&S incentive metrics for executives’ performance-based pay.


September 28, 2021

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