Comprehensive, reliable and fast meeting results.

Leverage ISS’ global infrastructure and local market expertise for the most comprehensive, real-time meeting results data possible, encompassing 50,000* companies across 115 markets.

*Number is approximate.

As an investor, you need to understand the impact that your corporate governance and voting decisions have in the broader context of final meeting results.

Global Meeting Results makes it possible to meet regulatory requirements and apply market best practices for disclosing issuer meeting results, even as environments and requirements differ across the globe.



  • Incorporate meeting result data into vote summary and voting history for issuer reports
  • Meet the demands of your underlying asset owners for data to benchmark asset managers’ corporate governance practices.
  • Enable your proxy committees, portfolio managers and compliance teams to incorporation of meeting results data in their reports for further analysis and transparency.


  • Dynamic and flexible reports allow you to analyze meeting results against the votes cast, and compare results to vote policy recommendations and ISS Benchmark policy
  • Easily access recent contentious meeting results and ‘against management’ votes as part of workflow analysis of upcoming meetings.
Click here to view Global Meeting Results Key Datapoints
  • Pass/Fail summary for each voting agenda item.
  • Indicator of the level of results disclosed by the Issuer.
  • Number of shares voted ‘with’ and ‘against’ management as well as abstain votes.
  • Percentage of shares voted ‘with’ management, ‘against’ management or abstained as compared to the number of shares voted at the meeting.
  • Flag indicating non-disclosure by Issuer.
  • In the United States, the number and percentage of shares voted for ‘Say on Pay’ 1-, 2- and 3-Year frequencies.
  • Flag whether the meeting was conducted by poll, show of hands or proxy.
  • Meeting results calculation method detailed for each market.

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