Pandemic Webinar Series: Norm-Based Research
& Screening at a Time of Pandemic Emergency

Opening Webinar

The spread of COVID-19 has presented a large array of challenges to the global economy and brought to light questions that may previously have been lying dormant. In these unprecedented times ISS ESG is working to bring support to investors by providing data and insight that can help with navigating the current climate. It is with this in mind that our team of experts have worked on the production of a series of webinars aimed to address the topic of pandemics and share knowledge relevant to responsible investors.

Our webinar on “NBR and Screening at a time of pandemic emergency” is the first of a series of three. This session is aimed to provide participants with insight from ISS ESG data and research on the current COVID-19 pandemic. We will show what news and controversies have arisen over the last months and how some companies have proven better pandemics preparedness / responsiveness than others. Anna Warberg, Associate Director and Head of Norm-Based Research will provide an insight into how the normative framework and expectations for Responsible Business Conduct have evolved in response to the crisis, and present analysis on controversies specifically related to COVID-19.

Till Jung, Managing Director and Head of ESG Products at ISS ESG will present research results on pandemic preparedness and response of companies and sovereigns and related investment opportunities and risks. He will give a sneak preview into pandemic screening options and custom rating models that will soon be launched by ISS ESG. At the end of the session participants are able and encouraged to share thoughts and ask any questions on the topics presented.

The webinar and Q&A session will be moderated by Julia Haake, Managing Director and Head of Client Success and ESG Strategy at ISS ESG


  • Julia Haake, Managing Director and Head of Client Success and ESG Strategy, ISS ESG
  • Till Jung, Managing Director and Head of ESG Products, ISS ESG
  • Anna Warburg, Associate Director and Head of Norm-Based Research, ISS ESG


Wednesday 29 April, 2020

10 am US EST / 3 pm GMT / 4 pm CET
45 – 60 minutes

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