Meeting Regulatory Reporting Challenges with ESG Raw Data

As ESG-focused regulatory frameworks around the world continue to evolve, overlap, and broaden in scope, the need for robust ESG data is increasingly clear.

For investors, access to a broad array of raw, material ESG metrics can now enhance investment screening, and make a meaningful contribution to timely, relevant disclosures.

Watch the replay of our 20th July webinar to gain insight into:

  • The key ESG challenges defining the current regulatory landscape
  • The purpose-built tools needed to respond to them
  • The role of carefully sourced qualitative, and quantitative, ESG data in extracting the insights material to your reporting needs

Joel Yarm, Head of ESG Sales
Brian Colantropo, Associate Director, ESG Products
Mathilde Krief, Vice President, Regulatory Solutions


20 July 2023
2pm GMT

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