Global Litigation Insights

Global Litigation Insights

APRIL 20, 2022

Key components include:

  • A QUICK HITS OVERVIEW highlighting critical case dates at a glance, including registration and objection deadlines, class periods, law firms and funders, as well as securities.
  • INTUITIVE LAYOUT AND NAVIGATION providing easy access to important information that is most relevant to you and your teams.
  • INFORMATIVE SECTIONS on the case summary, such as defendant data, critical participation details, required documentation requirements, registration details, as well as the law firm and funder information.
  • FINANCIALS including additional easy-to-use revenue, net income, EBITA, and stock price data— providing a comprehensive overview of the health of the company.
  • ESG Factors including Norm-based, Governance Quality, and ESG scores that only ISS can provide with our signature 360-degree view of the involved parties.

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