Wide Ranging Data Sets to Cover Carbon Impacts, Norm-Based Research, and Executive Pay, Among Others

ROCKVILLE, Md. (September 3, 2019) — ISS ESG, the responsible investment arm of Institutional Shareholder Services Inc., today announced the addition of new data sets on the Open:FactSet Marketplace to aid investors seeking to integrate extra-financial considerations into their investment decision-making.

Effective today, authorized users of the Open:FactSet Marketplace can access ISS Governance QualityScore point-in-time data that covers 7,800 global companies on topics ranging from compensation to shareholder rights, audit and risk oversight, and board structure. Data are updated daily and date back to 2013.

“We are pleased to work with FactSet to provide the institutional investor community high-quality and comprehensive ESG data, analytics, and ratings that will aid in their ability to identify best-in-class performers,” said Marija Kramer, Managing Director with ISS ESG. “In today’s market, ESG is a business imperative for institutional investing and asset management, as evidenced by our offerings via the Open:FactSet Marketplace.”

Additional data sets will be added over the coming months covering corporate director data, executive pay metrics, shareholder voting results, carbon and climate impacts, carbon ratings, corporate and thematic ratings and materiality indicators, as well as an SDG solutions assessment that measures corporate impacts related to U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Company coverage ranges from as few as 4,800 for Environmental & Social Disclosure QualityScore to 25,000 companies for carbon and climate impact data.

“Governance and overall ESG metrics are becoming increasingly core to equity analysis,” said Lauren Stevens, Senior Vice President, Open:FactSet Strategy, FactSet. “The range of data offered by ISS ESG is a welcome addition to the Open:FactSet Marketplace as clients look to leverage a growing range of content to complement fundamental data.”

For a full overview on ISS ESG data sets available via the Open: FactSet Marketplace, please click here.

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