Manage Risk by Managing Expectations

ESG Matters: How ESG and EVA Indicators Relate to Market Performance

EVA and Governance QualityScore – Emerging Markets

Getting Tangible About Intangibles

ESG Matters (Part II)

Drivers of Growth

Finding The Investment Gems

Introducing Best-Practice EVA

Rightsizing the EVA Way in the COVID Economy

Don’t Be Fooled by Earnings: Trust EVA

A Case of Mistaken Identity

ESG Matters

Profitability Drives Value

How EVA Can Enhance DCF and P/E Analysis: A Case Study

EVA, not EBITDA: A Better Measure of Investment Value

The Four Key EVA Performance Ratios

Insights Into Value Creation: Using EVA to Measure Performance

The Link Between TSR and EVA

The EVA Measurement Formula: A Primer on Economic Value Added (EVA)

Using EVA in Pay-for-Performance Analysis


Manage Risk by Managing Expectations

Getting Tangible About Intangibles

Exploring Financial Materiality in ESG Investing

Drivers of Growth

EVA Market and Sector Outlook for 2021

Finding the Investment Gems

Don’t be Fooled by Earnings: Trust EVA

Screening for Quality with EVA during the market correction

ESG Matters

Does the Tail Wag the Dog?

Using EVA to enhance DCF & P/E Analysis

Economic Value Added (EVA) 101
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