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Now Available - Download The Securities Class Action Services Top 100 Report for 2H 2013

Building on the industry's most comprehensive database on securities class action litigation, ISS' Securities Class Action Services "Top 100 Settlements Semi-Annual Report" identifies the largest securities class action settlements filed after the passage of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, ranked by the total value of the settlement fund.

The Top 100 Settlements Semi-Annual Report provides a wealth of information, including the settlement date, filing court, settlement fund, and identifies the key players for each settlement. 

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Why Choose ISS as Your Securities Class Action Services Partner?

Securities Class Action Services and RecoverMax platform are built upon ISS' vast network, proven technology and strong claims administrator relationships, to help you proactively manage multiple claims and maximize recoveries.

Our best-in-class proprietary database of securities class action information includes:



20+ years of historical information and 36,000+ unique

     security identifiers as well as case periods, status, and

     settlement dates

Proprietary technology to capture all securities class action

     cases and maximize potential for asset recovery

Sophisticated data matching technology to identify recovery


Online claims tracking tools allow investors to monitor

     recovery status, from initial filing to disbursement

Complete options filing capability

Recognized loss calculations

Litigation updates, court documents, and other source

     material provided by the ISS research team

Leadership & Expertise

ISS has nearly three decades of experience and a diverse client base, including the most recognized financial institutions in the world. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, ISS is the only provider with the scale, experience and expertise to handle the largest and most complex environments.

Flexible & Cost-effective

Unlike many firms that promise the “highest net return,” ISS maximizes your total recoveries by proactively filing every claim for every recovery to which your fund is entitled, regardless of the settlement size. Flexible service levels and pricing options are available to meet your unique needs.

Global Coverage & Scale

Clients benefit from ISS’ extensive network of custodians, sub-custodians, prime brokers, law firms and claims administrators. ISS works with 1,700 clients worldwide, through its proxy voting service, and is acutely aware of clients’ need for global infrastructure, data security and efficient processing.

Unparalleled Experience

ISS’ end-to-end solution offers an experience that’s backed by ISS’ vast resources and capabilities. End-to-end litigation research and claims filing solution offers recognized loss calculation, options ingestion capabilities and claim tracking tailored to clients’ historical transactions.


Securities Class Action Service Product Overview

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