Global Proxy Distribution

Global Proxy Distribution (GPD) provides custodian banks with a streamlined and accurate solution for proxy distribution combined with an integrated vote execution platform, enabling them to deliver higher value to their clients.

As the focus on corporate governance intensifies globally, custodian banks are looking for a proxy voting partner that can support their clients’ needs -- including managing the complex process of cross border voting -- while complying with complex account structures and detailed reporting requirements. Most importantly, custodian banks need a partner that can deliver individualized, high-touch support to them and their clients. Processing capabilities alone are not sufficient. A complete solution requires processing plus in-depth knowledge of local markets and institutional investor needs.

GPD from ISS provides expert management of the proxy distribution and voting process and authoritative "golden agendas" for investors and custodians.

Proxy Distribution

GPD provides a single, turnkey solution to managing proxy distribution for custodian banks and an integrated proxy research and voting solution for their institutional investor clients.

Golden Agenda Service

Delivers timely, accurate and high-quality agendas for shareholder and bondholder meetings worldwide.