Vote Disclosure Services

Setting the standards for vote disclosure best practices.

Turnkey recordkeeping & disclosure services to help you efficiently and cost-effectively achieve compliance with regulatory requirements and best practice guidelines.

Today’s Asset Managers, Mutual Fund Complexes, and Asset Owners are expected to use best practice standards for proxy vote disclosure. To manage this requirement, ISS provides an outsourced solution to help investors cost-effectively meet regulatory mandates regarding disclosure of voting policies and practices, while also providing a solution for investors in global markets where disclosure is fast becoming a best practice for transparency.

ISS’ solution handles N-PX filing preparation for you, with the option of creating firm-specific cover letters so that your filing is complete and ready for submission. ISS also offers branded vote disclosure website development and hosting to help you make your portfolio-level voting records accessible to clients and other stakeholders.

ISS Vote Disclosure Services can help you meet regulatory as well as best practice standards for:

  • US Securities and Exchange Commission Form N-PX
  • National Instrument (NI) 81-106 website disclosure in Canada
  • Compliance with the Financial Service Council (FSC) Standard No. 13 (Voting Policy, Voting Record and Disclosure) and Standard No. 20 (Superannuation Governance Policy) and the Stronger Super Reforms (RG 252) in Australia
  • SEBI vote disclosure requirements in India
  • UK Stewardship Code
  • Japan Stewardship Code
  • UN PRI Segnatories
  • CITS disclosure in Europe


Fully outsourced file preparation service for preparing reports according to SEBI as well as SEC standards. Option to include a cover letter and signature page with N-PX reports. Efficient solution for investors in global markets where vote disclosure is either a best practice or regulatory requirement, with website support for English, French, German and Dutch languages. Hosted website to make your firm’s proxy voting records and voting policy available to all appropriate stakeholders. Flexibility of displaying voting information by portfolio, fund, issuer or meeting date. Customizable search capabilities allow website visitors to easily access data important to them. Data management services through file transfer from third party sub-advisors, vote record ingestion, file creation for SEC Form N-PX, and file retention for record keeping purposes.

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