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ISS QuickScore 2.0

Identify governance risk within portfolio companies.

ISS Governance QuickScore 2.0 is a scoring and screening solution designed to help institutional investors identify governance risk within portfolio companies. QuickScore 2.0 provides investors with the tools and insight they need to assess governance attributes categorized under four pillars: Board Structure, Shareholder Rights, Compensation/Remuneration, and Audit. As these governance factors play a heightened role in investment decision-making, investors are increasingly using data and analytics to support their analysis. The need for data-driven tools to complement qualitative research has emerged as an important trend.

QuickScore 2.0 provides expanded global coverage and includes enhancements to the original factor methodology. The addition of new factors and improved scoring of questions and pillars enables investors to better differentiate companies and allows for better alignment with company performance, quantitative modeling results, and ISS voting policy.

Uses for ISS QuickScore 2.0:

Investment Decision Making

  • Screen on management quality to generate a list of buy candidates, or filter out companies
  • Analyze potential success of a proposed M&A
  • Screen for companies that may be potential target of a takeover, change in control or activist campaign
  • Highlight compensation and pay for performance issues that may be symptoms of a larger problem
  • Integrate scores and data into financial models, scoring tools, and into internal dashboards or reporting systems

Governance and Compliance

  • Target portfolio companies with poor governance practices
  • Monitor portfolio for quick views of where risk lies, to identify areas of focus
  • Incorporate unique compensation, board, shareholder responsiveness data into your management assessment
  • Prepare for engagements with company executives and directors around governance issues
  • Comply with UK Stewardship Code, UN PRI and other fiduciary mandates

With coverage of 4,100+ companies across 25 markets, QuickScore 2.0 provides an overall company score and drill-down pillar scores for:

Board Structure

Shareholder Rights

Audit-related Practices

Executive Compensation

Universe of Coverage

ISS Governance QuickScore 2.0 global coverage comprises 4,100 companies in 25 markets, including companies in the U.S. Russell 3000 and Canadian S&P/TSX Composite indices, as well as companies in the U.K., Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific that are in the MSCI-EAFE index. QuickScore 2.0 coverage includes expansions in the U.K. and Australian markets to encompass UK Euro Stoxx and Australia ASX 200 constituents.

QuickScore Coverage Map

QuickScore Methodology

The QuickScore 2.0 methodology enhancements are designed to align with quantitative modeling results, global governance standards and ISS voting policy, giving clients the ability to analyze portfolio companies based on corporate governance risk.

Drawing on market views of what constitutes best practice, ISS has assessed each covered company’s governance risk using between 50 to 80 critical corporate governance factors across the four category pillars of Board Structure, Compensation/Remuneration, Shareholder Rights, and Audit. A regional approach in evaluating and scoring companies allows for company comparisons in markets where the corporate governance practices are the most similar.

QuickScore 2.0 delivers robust and timely insight, with event-driven data updates that capture changes to a company’s governance structure that are identified through public disclosures and integrated into a company’s QuickScore on an ongoing basis.

  • Board Compensation
  • Composition of Committees
  • Board Practices
  • Board Policies
  • Related Party Transactions
  • Pay for Performance
  • Non-Performance Based Pay
  • Use of Equity
  • Equity Risk Mitigation
  • Non-Executive Pay
  • Communications and Disclosure
  • Termination
  • Controversies
  • One Share One Vote
  • Takeover Defenses
  • Voting Issues
  • Voting Formalities
  • Other Shareholder Rights Issues
  • External Auditor
  • Audit and Accounting Controversies
  • Other Audit Issues
Each factor and the rationale for inclusion, plus factor applicability by market, are discussed in the ISS Governance QuickScore Technical Document.

How QuickScore Works

QuickScore 2.0 uses a numeric, decile-based score that indicates a company’s governance risk relative to their index or region. A score of 1 indicates relatively lower governance risk, and, conversely, a score of 10 indicates relatively higher governance risk. Companies receive an overall QuickScore and are also assessed across four pillars: Board Structure, Compensation/Remuneration, Shareholder Rights, and Audit.
In addition to an overall score and scores across the four pillars of Board Structure, Compensation/ Remuneration, Shareholder Rights, and Audit, ISS QuickScore considers factor scores within the subcategory level and provides additional high-level flagging within each pillar.

QuickScore 2.0 allows investors to understand the issues potentially affecting company performance and enhance analyses of portfolio companies. QuickScore features:

  • Decile scores that provide a snapshot view of risk
  • Supporting factor-level data and a summary of key risks that is critical to the research process
  • User-friendly tools to screen and monitor potential governance risk in your portfolios and inform the investment process
  • Profile reports that highlight key facts to facilitate issuer engagement
  • Ability to perform detailed side by side comparison of two or more companies’ data profiles
  • Flexible delivery methods, including online platform and regular datafeeds of scores, profiles and underlying data

Accessing QuickScore

Search, screen, and filter data in ways that suit your needs:

Online Platform

Available through ISS Link, offers capability to search, screen and monitor a portfolio, and access QuickScore profiles for all covered companies.


Provides a summary of key risks as well as the governance factors used in determining the company’s scores, and are a useful tool for preparing for engagements with company executives and directors around governance issues.

Data Feeds

Allow you to easily ingest the files through your own internal processes and highlight scores within internal workflow platforms.

API to Profiles

Link your internal platform to the QuickScore API to directly access QuickScore Profiles and drill into the key risks, to easily bring governance insight into investment decisions and proxy voting processes.

Data Verification Process

Companies within the ISS Governance QuickScore 2.0 coverage universe can review, verify and provide feedback on the data used to determine their scores via a complementary Data Verification tool accessed through ISS Corporate Services’ Governance Analytics platform. Submissions of corrected or updated data factors can be made online through the platform.

Data verification is not available during the period between the filing of a company’s proxy statement and the publication of ISS’ proxy analysis for the company’s annual meeting.

Need a log-in ID to the free data verification site?Email
Once you have an ISS data verification login ID, you can access the data verification site to review your company’s data and submit requests to ISS for data changes or updates.
To verify your company’s data:Click on this link  >  Enter your user name & password in the upper right of your screen  >  Click the Login button  >  Click on the Data Verification button on the QuickScore menu ribbon.
Questions about Data Verification?Email

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