The Growth in Responsible Investing | Responsible investing is a growing discipline, as companies and investors work together to integrate policy and practice to create long term value.

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ISS offers global sanctions screening to help investors comply with U.S. state divestment mandates through screening of companies involved in certain activities in Sudan and Iran. Learn more ›

ISS-Ethix offers a wide range screening tools, employed by institutional shareholders in company engagements globally, regionally and in emerging markets.

Screen for Company Performance

Research, Screening & Analysis

Norm-based Screening Assesses companies’ adherence to global principles on Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environmental protection, and Anti-Corruption
Controversial Weapons Screening Assesses companies’ involvement in banned or controversial weapons, including: cluster munitions, anti-personnel mines, depleted uranium, nuclear weapons, and biological and chemical weapons
Ethical Screens Assesses companies’ involvement in sectors or products such as Alcohol, Gambling, Pornography, Tobacco or Weapons
Fossil fuel Screens: Energy & Extractives Assesses companies’ exposure to oil, gas, coal, oil sands, and arctic drilling
Global Sanctions Screening Assesses companies with ties to countries under UN, EU or U.S. sanctions
Norm-based Research for Countries Assesses government capacity to protect basic human rights (long-term social impact, governance, multi-lateral sanctions
ISS-Ethix Fund Screening ESG monitoring of funds based on their underlying holdings, including analysis of multi-level fund holdings, fully extendable to fund-in-fund structures

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