The Growth in Responsible Investing | Responsible investing is a growing discipline, as companies and investors work together to integrate policy and practice to create long term value.

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Align Responsible Investment Policy
& Practices with Shareholder Interest

For more than a decade, ISS-Ethix has guided clients, helping them navigate the complex and rapidly unfolding range and application of sustainable and responsible investment.

Bringing professional experience and understanding, ISS-Ethix partners with institutional shareholders to shape custom tailored Responsible Investment (RI) policy and related practices designed to fortify due diligence on new and existing portfolio companies.

Combine ISS-Ethix services with ISS’ leading governance solutions to make informed voting decisions that align with your investment philosophies and execute through end-to-end voting services.

End-to-end Governance & Responsible Investment Solutions

Delivering a one-stop shop for governance & responsible investment, to help investors meet global stewardship codes and Principles for Responsible Investment.


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Customized Responsible Investment Policies

ISS-Ethix works closely with institutional shareholders to craft responsible investment policies in alignment with shareholder investment objectives. A team of professionals draws upon a host of new and legacy properties, built over time through testing and refinement, and delivered to clients through research, analysis, and screening offerings.

ISS-Ethix partners with clients to identify their performance objectives, current capabilities, and tools they need to employ the most up-to-date responsible investment policies throughout the investment process, and to benchmark them against better practice.

Better Policies through Benchmarking & Custom Research

ISS-Ethix helps institutional shareholders benchmark their performance against highly regarded and commonly referenced principles outlined in the UN Global Compact, PRI and other established platforms.

Effective policy development often requires refinement.  ISS-Ethix benchmarks practices using proprietary research, delivering customized services to give investors insight on practices that, without responsible investment policies to address them, may place a company’s reputation and shareholder value at risk. ISS-Ethix’s client services team provides on-going support, including education, training, and practice updates needed to maximize return on investment.

Select areas considered in shaping responsible investment polices include:

  • Risk management concerns
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Corporate governance practices
  • Regional and global market expectations
  • Ethical considerations
  • Investor philosophy

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