Climate Metrics & Advisory

Decisive data & actionable intelligence on climate change risk and its impact on investments.

ISS Announces Acquisition of Investment Climate Data Division of South Pole Group

Established in 2010 and based in Zurich, the investment climate data division provides investors, asset owners, fund managers and banks with both data and analytics to measure the impact of climate change on portfolios.

Institutional Investors are Now Paying More Attention to Climate Related Investments

As investors seek to better understand the climate impact of their investments, ISS-Ethix now offers intelligence and screening tools to support financial market participants and governments to understand, measure and act upon climate change risk and its impact on investments across all asset classes.

Climate change data & analytics provide highest levels of transparency and data quality, covering 25,000+ listed companies.

Scope 1, 2, & upstream/downstream Scope 3 emissions

based on sector estimates

Physical & transitional risk and opportunity analysis

Climate Metrics

for all asset classes, from stocks, bonds and private equity to real estate and infrastructure

Green / brown revenue

and capacity analysis

Beyond carbon: ISS-Ethix now offers integration of environmental risk data and insights in the screening process.

ISS-Ethix Climate Change Advisory

Investment product & metrics development

Climate change strategy development & implementations

Workshops & capacity building

Analysis of avoided emissions of assets, including Green Bonds

Benchmarking of investment strategies

Bespoke climate impact research & climate-related reporting support

ISS-Ethix Climate Change Advisory

Helps investors to understand and measure the climate impact of their investments and use the insights to act on climate-related risks and opportunities.

Trust ISS to help you manage ESG risk and navigate the complex and rapidly unfolding application of sustainable and responsible investment.

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