Meeting Results Data

Wide Coverage, Multiple Delivery Methods

While meeting results disclosure by issuers is relatively common, the format and level of results data announced varies markedly, not just from market to market but from Issuer to Issuer. With coverage of more than 50,000 meetings across 115 markets annually, ISS proactively collects this data, which can be delivered in a consistent and standardised format, either integrated into your clients proxy voting workflow on our ProxyExchange platform, via SWIFT or a custom data feed.

Get Valuable Insight

As well as the actual vote result, proposal by proposal, and the number of shares voted (where included), each meeting is flagged according to the level of granularity in the disclosure and even when the Issuer has made no disclosure at all. Results data can be viewed on screen alongside vote activity or pulled in to a variety of trend analysis and vote activity reporting.

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