We often receive requests from companies seeking permission to publicly disclose their ISS ESG scores and/or ratings. ISS permits companies to disclose their overall ratings and/or scores as long as such disclosure complies with the below terms of use.

Additionally, if you are a corporate issuer with a rating of “1” on any of the ISS QualityScore pillars (Environmental, Social and Governance), and/or a corporate issuer classified as “Prime” according to the ISS ESG Corporate Rating methodology, you can request badges to highlight your company’s achievement on your website or via social media.




Please read the Terms of Use carefully.

  • Companies are only permitted to disclose their overall absolute or decile ESG scores and/or ratings. This encompasses all top-level and thematic scores and/or ratings produced by ISS, including ISS ESG. Companies are also permitted to request and display the relevant ISS logo, along with their overall scores and/or ratings. When using the ISS name and/or logo, you may not do so in a manner that (i) might imply an endorsement by ISS or that can be reasonably interpreted to suggest that any of your content has been authorized by or represents the views or opinions of ISS and/or (ii) that would disparage ISS ESG or its products or services.  ISS and/or its affiliated entities continue to own all intellectual property rights in and to its name, logos and other marks.  Permitted users of the name, logos or marks acquire no rights therein.  The usage rights can be revoked at the discretion of ISS ESG and/or its affiliated entities. No other information, such as ranking within a given industry or sector, can be disclosed publicly, save for under an executed Licensing Agreement as noted below.
  • Since many of the scores or ratings are relative in nature and subject to change, all disclosures must include a reference to the date the score or rating was calculated.
  • Redistribution of full ISS ESG ratings reports or excerpting portions of the report beyond the high-level scores as permitted above is strictly prohibited. If a company would like to obtain an ISS ESG Ratings license, please contact our ISS Corporate Solutions to subscribe. Subscribing companies may communicate to investors, other market participants and key stakeholders such as business partners, bankers, clients, and vendors, the scores and ratings on the company within ISS’ ESG Ratings and key takeaways from ISS’ ESG Ratings reports.  In addition, subscribers may also distribute a summary of the ISS ESG Rating report as prepared and provided by ICS.  Potential uses might include the development of management incentives tied to improvement in such scores or ratings and communication of progress and targets to investors along with the issuance of sustainability-linked loans where borrowing costs are tied to such scores or ratings and communication of ratings updates to lenders.
  • The ISS QualityScore (QS) badge is available for use by any covered company that receives and holds a QS rating of one (1). The ESG Corporate Rating badge is available for use by any covered company that is currently classified “Prime” according to the ISS ESG Corporate Rating methodology.
  • If a company’s QualityScore (QS) changes in any category (Environmental, Social or Governance), or the company loses its “Prime” status for the ESG Corporate Rating, the company shall cease using the badge within 30 days of the scoring change (and remove all references to the badge within that time frame). The company may not make any alterations to the badge as provided through ISS on this webpage.
  • If a company disclosing its scores/ratings or using the badge would like to provide general information about the QS or ESG Corporate Rating, then the company shall link to the following ISS webpage:
  • ISS Corporate Solutions, Inc. (“ICS”), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ISS. ICS provides advisory services, analytical tools and publications to enable corporations to improve shareholder value and reduce risk through the adoption of improved corporate governance practices. We note for clarity and confirmation that it is ISS, not ICS, which produces the QS and ESG Corporate Rating score. Moreover, it is ISS that determines the QS and ESG Corporate Rating coverage universe and that determination is made without reference to, or knowledge of, the ICS client base. Consistent with ICS’ standard contractual conditions, any company that happens to be an ICS client may not disclose their status as an ICS client, whether in connection with using the QS and ESG Corporate Rating badge or otherwise.
  • For further clarity, it is noted that a company need not be an ICS client in order to disclose its scores and/or ratings or use the QS and ESG Corporate Rating badge so long as the other guidelines above are followed.
  • Neither ISS nor ICS shall have any liability in connection with a company’s disclosure of its scores and/or ratings as permitted herein.


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