Spotlight on the G in ESG:

Tools to Inform Your Decision-Making

Although a growing number of investors around the world are integrating ESG issues into their responsible investing strategies, the G in ESG has at times had to take the back seat to trending environmental and social issues, such as climate change and labor rights in supply chains. However, in these challenging times, it has become more evident that taking a holistic approach to responsible investing, where E, S, and G issues are all taken into consideration, is vital for identifying, monitoring and acting on potential risks and opportunities that are not revealed by traditional financial analyses.

Join our webinar where our expert panelists will present key governance trends and how investors can use governance data alongside E&S data to drive investment, engagement, and voting decisions.


  • E&S Shareholder Proposal Vote Support
  • Executive Compensation in the Pandemic
  • Mega Equity Grants


August 26, 2021

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