Maximize recoveries & meet fiduciary responsibilities with

Securities Class Action Services.

Filing claims to recover losses incurred from fraud in securities class action cases is a fiduciary duty. It’s also a sound business practice for all investment managers, mutual funds, pension funds and hedge funds.

New Expanded Filing Service for Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom:

ISS offers global outsourced filing services to meet the evolving demands of the securities litigation market and the needs of our clients. For additional information on these three markets and why they were chosen, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions document, a copy of which can be requested here:

International Filing FAQ.

Listen to the Securities Class Action Services webinar, Class Actions & What You Need to Know

Today’s settlement pipeline stands at more than $18 billion and, in all likelihood, a portion of those dollars belong to your fund and its underlying investors. In many cases, the recoveries are substantial and represent a return on your investment. In the recent Bank of America Settlement, Securities Class Action Services recovered nearly $200 million for our clients.

Securities Class Action Services and the RecoverMax platform are built upon ISS’ vast network, proven technology, and strong claims administrator relationships to help you proactively manage multiple claims and maximize recoveries.

Our best-in-class proprietary database of securities class action information includes:

  • 30+ years of historical information, covering 92,000+ unique security identifiers, 9,240+ securities class action cases and 4,700+ settlements
  • Proprietary technology to capture all securities class action cases and maximize potential for asset recovery
  • Sophisticated data matching technology to identify recovery opportunities
  • Online claims tracking tools allow investors to monitor recovery status, from initial filing to disbursement
  • Complete options filing capability
  • Recognized loss calculations
  • Litigation updates, court documents, and other source material provided by the ISS research team

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ISS has nearly three decades of experience and a diverse client base, including the most recognized financial institutions in the world. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, ISS is the only provider with the scale, experience and expertise to handle the largest and most complex environments.


Clients benefit from ISS’ extensive network of custodians, sub-custodians, prime brokers, law firms and claims administrators. ISS works with 1,600+ clients worldwide, through its proxy voting service, and is acutely aware of clients’ need for global infrastructure, data security and efficient processing.


Unlike many firms that promise the “highest net return,” ISS maximizes your total recoveries by proactively filing every claim for every recovery to which your fund is entitled, regardless of the settlement size. Flexible service levels and pricing options are available to meet your unique needs.


ISS’ end-to-end solution offers an experience that’s backed by ISS’ vast resources and capabilities. End-to-end litigation research and claims filing solution offers recognized loss calculation, options ingestion capabilities and claim tracking tailored to clients’ historical transactions.

Pricing Options
Subscription Annual subscription fee Client receives 100% of the recovery
Contingency No out of pocket annual cost ISS retains an agreed upon percentage of the client’s recovery
Hybrid Combination of subscription and contingency arangement Client offsets subscription fee with a small percentage of the recovery
Flexible Service Levels
Premier Standard Portfolio Monitoring / Claim Verification Research Only
FEATURES Complete End-to-End Outsourced Filing, Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting Solution Complete End-to-End Outsourced Filing and Reporting Solution Complete Portfolio Reporting & Claim Verification Service Online Access to Case Research Database
Global Claim Filing (Select Markets*)
International Claim Filing Preparation
Back Claims Filing
Audit only
North America Claim Filing
Options Filing
Portfolio-specific E-mail Alerts
General E-mail Alerts
E-mail Alerts
24 x 6 Dedicated Customer Service
Online Market Loss (LIFO/FIFO)
Online Recognized Loss Calculator
Online Average Recovery & Recovery Range
Check Processing
Claims Reconciliation
User IDs for Research Database 10 User IDs 2 user IDs 2 user IDs 2 user IDs
Data Implementation Up to Five Sources One Source via Standard Format Up to Three Sources
Monthly Reporting Includes Check Processing & Claim Reconciliation Data Excludes Check Processing & Claim Reconciliation Data Excludes Check Processing & Claim Reconciliation Data

* Australia, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom

Securities class action services are provided by Securities Class Action Services, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ISS.

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