Reimagine the Proxy Voting Experience

The scale and experience to vote your
views with confidence.

ISS offers the simplicity of working with one provider that utilizes proprietary data and the ease of using one integrated platform for proxy research, voting and reporting. ISS’ agile and secure technology enables you to manage the entire voting process and flawlessly execute your mandates, season after proxy season.

Discover a new voting experience.

ProxyExchange leverages ISS’ decades of corporate governance and proxy voting expertise to reimagine the proxy voting experience. Designed with your needs in mind, ProxyExchange offers an intuitive and guided experience to vote your proxies quickly and reliably, and in the most secure environment in the industry.

Be decision confident in support of your compliance needs and investment strategy.

ISS brings decades of expertise in proxy voting and corporate governance to provide innovative, comprehensive, and integrated solutions in the service of client needs.

Gain unmatched control and visibility over your proxy voting activities.

Research & Vote Recommendations

ISS produces more than approximately 45,000 proxy analyses in 115 global capital markets.

High-touch Support

A dedicated and experienced global account management team.

Worldwide Operations Network

Beyond processing votes: works with hundreds of custodian banks to ensure accounts are properly set up for proxy voting, reconciles client holdings to incoming ballots, and continuously audits ballot and account environments.

Why Institutional Investors Prefer ISS

  • Meet stewardship and best practice requirements for disclosure and transparency.
  • Ongoing commitment to maintain market leading practices, industry-benchmarked security, and business continuity protocols to safeguard your data.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for monitoring critical voting processes, including meeting notification, research delivery timeliness and proxy season production work flows.
  • Attentive client service with a single point of contact and systematic escalation paths to address and resolve issues before they become problems.
  • Continuous quality control measures, daily audits, SSAE 18 certifications and ongoing independent audits allow for accurate and timely voting.

ISS brings more than 35 years of experience and global resources to serve approximately 3,400 institutional clients, making ISS the preferred choice among asset managers, asset owners and hedge funds.

ISS Supports Client Needs


Company & Meeting Research


User-Driven Workflows


Effective Decision Making Tools


Multiple User Types


Multiple Viewpoints on Governance


Detailed Vote Reports



Markets Covered
1 K
Meetings Covered
1 M
Ballots Executed
Institutional Clients

*numbers are approximations.

Reimagine Your Proxy Voting Experience

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