LONDON (October 20, 2020) – ISS LiquidMetrix, a division of Institutional Shareholder Services, a global leader in transaction cost analysis (TCA,) execution quality and market surveillance tools announced the release of a new TCA product, LiquidMetrix 2.0, that reimagines best execution analysis for today’s market structure and regulatory reporting needs.

Increased regulation and the speed of  technological  change in financial markets over the last few years have led to increased complexity in market structure and trading. This has placed more emphasis than ever before on managing execution quality and cost transparency for both assets managers and their brokers.

LiquidMetrix 2.0 incorporates the latest in visualization, analytical and data mining techniques, providing a set of tools capable of managing the best execution needs of buy and sell side clients globally.

Among the advances in LiquidMetrix  2.0 are:

  • A new Web based framework for measuring and analyzing the interaction of trading strategies with markets to identify the sources of trading costs.
  • An improved user experience. Replacing rows and columns of data with interactive charting. New charts and other visualizations allow clients to quickly understand their transaction costs and why some trading strategies are more cost effective than others.
  • New analytical measurements including Peer Group and Pre-Trade Cost estimates using new machine learning methodologies.

Mark Ford, LiquidMetrix General Manager commented: “TCA 2.0 represents another innovative milestone for LiquidMetrix as we again provide an industry leading service that gives real value to clients in assessing trading performance.”

More information on the LiquidMetrix 2.0 is available here.

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