ISS’ Proxy Research Data Verification

Introduced in January 2022, ISS’ new data verification (DV) portal for U.S. corporations represents a major expansion of ISS’ current DV program now used by many companies that are the subject of ISS’ proxy research and recommendations.

The program allows for verification of more than 400 governance and compensation datapoints, including those related to stock plans previously available for verification through the now-retired Equity Plan Data Verification platform. Datapoints available for verification are principally those used and reflected in ISS’ proxy research report on companies, including:

  • Individual director details such as name, gender, ethnicity, etc. (as disclosed)
  • Board and committee characteristics to include committee names, memberships, etc.
  • Individual executive pay figures including salary and bonus from the summary compensation table and grant details, equity plan details, gross-ups, etc.

Portal access is available via Governance Analytics, which is managed by ISS’ separate, wholly owned subsidiary, ISS Corporate Solutions Inc. (ICS).

ISS’ Governance QualityScore and Environmental & Social QualityScore data verification platforms are not impacted by this portal and remain active and available for use. Learn more here.


Equity Plan Data Verification is now accessible via this new portal.

Company representatives registered on the Governance Analytics platform will receive e-mail notification when a company’s 48-hour data verification window opens (to occur between the filing of a company’s definitive proxy statement and prior to publication of ISS’ benchmark proxy research report). In this time, the DV portal is unavailable, otherwise ISS DV is available year-round.


Questions about Data Verification?

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