ISS EVA Webinar Series

Finding the Investment Gems

Over the long term, stocks returns are driven by growth, profitability, risk, and valuation. Accordingly, investors have developed numerous metrics to make sense of each. In a new white paper, Finding the Investment Gems, the EVA research team looks into the efficacy and relationships between some common ratios and shows that Economic Value Added ratios are better than traditional ratios for finding the investment gems of future. Please join the team on a webinar for a discussion of the paper and download a copy here.

Some Key Findings:

  • EVA Ratios are Superior to Traditional Ratios
  • Fundamentals (Growth, Profitability, and Risk) Drive Valuation
  • Disconnects between Fundamentals and Valuation Present
  • Opportunities for Outperformance
  • Ratio Efficacy is Dependent on Economic and Financial Market Conditions

Hosted by:

  • Anthony Campagna, Director of Research, ISS EVA
  • Kevin Spellman, PhD, CFA, Senior Advisor, ISS

For additional research on EVA, please visit the ISS EVA Resource Center.

ISS EVA Webinar Series | Finding the Investment Gems

November 4

9:00 am PT | 12:00 pm ET

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