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Conduct best-in-class analysis based on a broad range of responsible investment principles & user-defined criteria.

IWF Workstation

Used by money management firms to streamline the research process and produces customized evaluations of investments and investment opportunities. This web-based tool quickly and easily screens for industry involvement, rates companies, and provides access to narrative details on specific issues based on user-selected criteria. This allows users to customize portfolios for clients and to look at issues from multiple perspectives.

Available Research Data Sets

IWF Workstation can be configured with a wide array of environmental, social and governance (ESG) research. Customized solutions are also available for clients seeking to incorporate custom or proprietary research.

Data sets include: Corporate Practices, Sustainability, Governance, Global Compliance, Global Security Risk, and International ESG.

Use IWF Workstation to:

  • Find and evaluate investment options
  • Enhance fundamental research
  • Identify emerging risks
  • Comply with client guidelines
  • Differentiate services and win new clients
  • Utilize unbiased research
  • Build client loyalty and trust

Standard Workstation Configurations

Corporate Practices Examines a range of issues and practices traditionally associated with socially responsible and faith-based investing across more than 3,000 U.S. publicly traded companies.
Sustainability Focuses on a particular set of environmental, social and governance factors that influence brand value, reputation, management quality, and other intangibles that make up a growing portion of a company’s value. IWF Workstation facilitates in-depth analysis of these factors, making it easy to incorporate them into the investment process.
ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Combines Corporate Practices, Sustainability and Governance research to provide users with a robust view of non-financial factors
Global Compliance Covers a broad range of compliance issues across a global universe of companies.

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