ProxyExchange is the industry-leading platform for accurate and efficient vote execution and reporting. Enhancements to ProxyExchange 2.0 deliver greater flexibility and insight into key voting activity. Additional services available through ProxyExchange Premier allow you to further streamline the voting process and deliver greater insight to your stakeholders.

Full visibility into ballots, accounts, vote instructions and votes cast

Comprehensive auditing of key vote actions

Share reconciliation to easily identify discrepancies between holdings and ballots received, including

     accounting for shares that are on loan

Greater transparency and control over the setup, management, and output of your custom policy


Proven processes combined with advanced voting technology.

    • Efficient
      • Real-time updates of company,
      •      meeting and account information
      • > Automation of routine tasks and
      •      vote instructions
      • > Access to additional resources,
      •       including regulatory filings and
      •       vote results 
    • Powerful
      • > Support for split and partial voting
      • > Automated strategies to handle
      •      complex voting issues, such as
      •      shareblocking and share recall
      • > Client directed voting services
      •      available for voting conflict
      •      meetings or securities 
    • Robust Reporting
      • > Rich data and flexible structure for
      •       standard and custom reports
      • > Flexible scheduling and delivery
      •      options
      • > Library of professionally designed
      •      templates
      • > Support for custom datafeeds
      •      and reports
    • Flexible
      • > Easy to manage and customize
      •       your view
      • > Access to third party research for
      •       clients that consider multiple
      •      viewpoints on corporate
      •        governance matters
      • > Support for investors of all types
      •       and sizes

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