Proxy Advisory Services

For 25 years, ISS has been the leading provider of proxy research to institutional investors.

We cover more than 40,000 meetings - every holding within our clients' portfolios - in over 100 developed and emerging markets worldwide.

ISS' proxy research, in conjunction with our turnkey proxy voting solutions, allows institutional investors to understand corporate governance risk within portfolio companies and take appropriate proxy voting action.

ISS offers the widest range of policy options available to institutional investors, including ISS standard benchmark policies, specialty policies that evaluate governance issues from the perspective of sustainability, socially-responsible investors, public funds, labor unions and mission and faith-based investors. ISS also offers a complete custom policy solution whereby ISS implements voting recommendations based on clients' specific, customized corporate governance guidelines.

Features of ISS' Proxy Advisory Solutions

  • Coverage of every equity holding in a clients' portfolio
  • Comprehensive data on board membership, executive compensation, financial performance, ownership provides context for agenda items
  • Access to Governance Exchange, a unique community focused on corporate governance
  • Engagement with appropriate company officials, top institutional holders and other parties to gain insight and make informed vote recommendations
  • Use of sophisticated models to evaluate equity-based pay plans and increases in authorized shares