Powers of Attorney Service

Powers of Attorney Service

Flexible workflow and reporting tools supported by ISS' global operations team and local market expertise

As the focus on corporate governance intensifies globally, investors increasingly need state-of-the art tools to ensure votes are cast in markets requiring Powers of Attorney (“PoA”). Markets requiring PoAs can differ depending on custodian. Local market regulations affect the timing of PoA expiration and additional requirements such as notarization and consularization introduce further complexity. ISS’ PoA Service enables clients to leverage ISS’ ProxyExchange features and reporting capabilities to easily monitor PoA requirements, including when PoAs need to be completed and as they are set to expire. Moreover, the ISS Operations Team works directly with custodians and their vendors to obtain the necessary information to complete the PoAs and deliver directly to you the client.

ISS' PoA Service Provides immediate tangible benefits from cost reduction to improved compliance

    • Reduction in costs through a turn-key solution
      • Reduction in costs through the consolidation of PoA information in one place regardless of custodian and leveraging of ISS resources working with custodians and their vendors to obtain needed PoA information for completion of PoAs.
    • Streamlined workflow
      • Streamlined workflow through the integration of PoA information in day-to-day workflow tools. Maximum flexibility by utilizing filtering and configuration tools.
    • Greater transparency and increased compliance
      • Greater transparency by accessing the ISS PoA portal on ProxyExchange for consolidated PoA view. Increased compliance as ISS tools make clients aware of missing PoAs in a timely manner.

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