Biodiversity: Navigating the New Risk Ecosystem

With the World Economic Forum reporting that “$44 trillion of economic value generation – over half the world’s total GDP – is potentially at risk as a result of the dependence of business on nature and its services”*, it is clear to see why biodiversity is fast becoming a key focus area for investors. The journey towards measuring and managing investment exposure to biodiversity risks and opportunities starts with accessing the right ESG data. Join us in Stockholm on Thursday 1st June to hear our experts discuss:

  • The importance of integrating biodiversity factors into your investment and asset allocation processes
  • The tools needed to measure biodiversity impact and extract actionable insights
  • The role of carefully-sourced qualitative and quantitative ESG data in adapting your investment strategy to best align with your goals

*The WEF’s New Nature Economy Report 2 

Our speakers, Kaj Alftan, Associate Director, ESG Sales, Cosima Reiff, Associate Vice President, ESG Research, and Christopher Kuales, Associate Vice President, ESG Product, look forward to welcoming you.


Thursday 1st June

9:30am to 11:30am

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