Evaluate performance-based incentive awards and the effectiveness of compensation plan design

Integrate executive compensation into your investment decision-making and inform engagements with portfolio companies.

The details of long term and short term compensation, including targets and goals, are essential for investors to understand when evaluating portfolio companies. ISS Incentive Lab research is based on superior executive compensation data and analytics derived from years of academic study and market testing − delivering a leading solution for evaluating long term and short term compensation against executive targets and goals to determine appropriateness and alignment.

Get insight and clarity into executive compensation, with:

  • Detailed, comparable data on incentive awards, including performance metrics, performance goals and payout structures on all incentive awards to determine if pay practices are consistent with peers and industry averages
  • Metrics and goals flags to highlight potentially valuable investments by flagging differences in:
    • Market expectations vs company goals
    • Relative share price expectations vs relative performance goals
  • Proprietary valuations and custom modeling of incentive awards and expected pay
  • Data feeds with flexible file formats and delivery structures to meet unique client needs and easily integrate into client workflows
  • Diagnostics and custom reports available meet the specific needs of investors

Executive compensation continues to be an area of great interest to investors, in large part because how top managers are paid provides unique insight into the strategy, expectations, and motivations of boards and management.

CEO and NEO Compensation Coverage
  • 2,000 US companies (1,200 active) with history back to 1998 (includes S&P500 and a significant portion of the S&P400)
  • 2,200 active US companies starting in 2015 (market cap > $1B)
  • 400+ European companies
  • Over 25,000 fiscal years and 325,000 individual grants
  • Historical data back to 1998, updated monthly and within one month of the filing date
  • Metrics and Goals data from 2006

*Numbers are approximations.

Executive Compensation Data


  • Plan details including vesting terms and pay mix for all disclosed awards,
  • Short-term, long-term, cash, equity, time-based and performance-based awards
  • Includes grant date, award type, shares, exercise price, threshold/ target/max payout, and any other information


  • Financial metrics, operational metrics and other individual performance goals as disclosed
  • Performance goals and payout structures, including the most complex awards such as matrix structures, conditional metrics, modifier metrics and others


  • Most recent year of actual performance results and payouts


  • Relationships between multiple performance goals and their relative weightings
  • Vesting schedules and performance period details
  • Growth rates and other data required for valuations and analytical modules


  • Peer groups for both compensation and performance peers, compensation consultant(s) used, holding requirements, valuation assumptions for calculation of option award values, and more

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