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Integrate non-financial data into investment decisions.

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Investment strategies can vary, and investors need new and differentiated sources of information to complement their traditional analysis.

ISS provides access to important but non-traditional sources of information on companies, to generate a more complete picture of all risks and all opportunities, for screening and compliance with investment mandates, or for unique idea generation.

The data to support fundamental and quantitative investment decisions is fragmented, hard to find, and varies by market. Moreover, the investment process is entirely independent of proxy voting, yet can benefit from much of the same content.

ISS DataDesk enhances investment decision making and idea generation by delivering ISS’ specialized non-financial data through an advanced screening and analytics platform. Institutional investors can use DataDesk to view and screen data across companies, to search by company or person (Director) name, or to monitor portfolios and watchlists. The results can be used to create new investment ideas or watch lists or measure company behavior against performance.

Available on DataDesk

  • Responsible Investing, including:
    • Norm-based Research
    • Military Equipment & Weapons
    • Sector-based Issue Screens

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