Generate a complete picture of board-level decision makers and inform new investment ideas

ISS Director Data allows investors to access an important but non-traditional source of information at a Board level and across the directors to provide a lens into the boardroom.

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Director Data can be used to support fundamental and quantitative investment decisions, and is available through ISS DataDesk or via datafeeds to be ingested into client workflow.

Understanding director attributes and experiences can offer important perspective to the decision-making process and execution of the Board. However, this data is often fragmented, hard to find, and cumbersome to analyze on any scale.

By examining the director profile for key experiences, you can determine if directors possess the necessary qualifications for a given company to uncover potential risks and opportunities in your portfolio. Data can also be used as signals of possible management changes or considerations for events such as a merger, acquisition, or boardroom turnover.

ISS Director Data covers more than 150,000 global directors
across 110+ countries, with history going back to 2013.





Committee Memberships

Share Ownership and Compensation

Director Interlock/Social Network

Board Level Statistics

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