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Investors increasingly take ESG issues into account in their investment analysis and decisions, with governance being the most common factor, and often times, a key differentiator.

With ISS Analytics, investors can gain access to an important but non-traditional source of information on companies, in order to generate a more complete picture of risks and opportunities, or for unique idea generation.

Bring extra-financial data, analytics, insights and research into your investment decisions.

New! Due Diligence Profiles from ISS Analytics enable investors to quickly and easily lever ISS’ proprietary, timely, and comprehensive governance insights. Profiles provide a unique, ‘report card’ view of company-level governance across board, director, compensation, and other crucial governance factors benchmarked against peers. Due Diligence Profiles are a valuable tool for investors to prepare for engagement activities, inform investment decisions, and fortify their research. Profiles can be used in conjunction with ISS DataDesk for a deep dive into the companies that are highlighted through the screening process.

Bring ISS’ differentiated data into your research and investment decision making process.

  • Create new investment ideas or watch lists
  • Support quality analyses with scores and red flag indicators
  • Measure company behavior against performance
  • Layer in historical data to assess the direction over time

ISS Analytics datasets will be incorporated into DataDesk to provide the ability to search, screen, and monitor a portfolio across datasets.

Data feeds are available to enable investors to easily bring governance data into internal investment models and workflows. Data feeds are delivered through multiple file formats, with fully customizable options that allow clients to quickly and easily ingest ISS data into their workflow.

Case Studies

Case Study: Using ISS QualityScore to Identify “Outlier” Boards.

Investors constantly seek confidence that boards of directors at portfolio companies are fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities well. Investors are often left weaving together bits and pieces of outside-in data to get a feel for what might be happening in the boardroom – and to assess how likely the board is to be focused on serving their fiduciary responsibilities. ISS Analytics recognizes this problem, and to address it we continue to build datasets available in ISS DataDesk and methodologies such as ISS QualityScore. In this paper, ISS describes one such model of evaluating outside-in board effectiveness and its measures.

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A Case Study Using ISS Analytics.

With the global corporate governance debate turning to board refreshment and director qualifications, many investors have already begun to search to identify the boardroom attributes that turn a collection of highly credentialed individuals into an effective board that can deliver company performance, reduce governance risk, and represent shareholders’ interests. ISS Analytics, Powered by DataDesk can be used to access an important but non-traditional source of information on companies, to generate a more complete picture of all risks and all opportunities, or for unique idea generation.

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Industry Impacts on Director Attributes: The Expected and the Unexpected

In this continuing series of analyses drawing on the capabilities of ISS Analytics, Powered by DataDesk, we examine companies in the U.S. S&P 1,500 index to gauge whether and how industry classification affects certain governance structures and practices. This paper provides inter-sectoral comparisons of average director ages and board tenures, outside seats and attendance levels, and director and officer holdings for firms in the S&P 1500 index. While ISS found that certain common assumptions hold true, the analysis also uncovered some unexpected findings.

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