Understand the key issues in your investment managers’ proxy voting and highlight potential sources of headline risk

ISS’ Governance Risk Report gives asset owners a clear picture of risk – including reputational risk, risk to long-term shareholder value creation, risk to the interests of a fund’s stakeholders, and risk to effective fulfillment of fiduciary obligations.

Learn more about the different approaches asset owners can take to monitor and mitigate governance risk across funds.

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Save time and resources that would be spent on collecting, aggregating, normalizing, and analyzing external manager voting data.

Presented in an easily-read, graphical format, the report flags key issues in external managers’ proxy voting activities. Use this insight to develop voting policies for your external managers, inform engagement with fund managers and companies, and to ultimately mitigate risk in actively and passively managed funds.

  • Obtain an aggregate view of key governance matters across an asset owner’s investment managers who vote with ISS
  • Uncover areas of risk across portfolios for companies with an ISS Governance QuickScore of 8 or higher.
  • Benchmark votes cast with management recommendations (for both management and shareholder proposals) alongside the investment manager’s voting policy recommendations and ISS’ benchmark policy recommendations to determine potential gaps

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