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Recoveries are often a game of patience & paperwork. Stake your claim. We’ll handle the rest.

Securities Class Action Services allow clients to meet their fiduciary obligations and maximize asset recoveries stemming from market fraud. Investors leave millions of dollars on the table by filing less than 50% of eligible claims from securities class actions. As the leading claim filer in the industry, Securities Class Action Services solves this problem for investors by filing every claim for every recovery to which our clients are entitled.

Securities Class Action Services and the RecoverMax platform are built upon ISS’ vast network, proven technology, and strong claims administrator relationships to help you proactively manage multiple claims and maximize recoveries.

File for every recovery opportunity without

getting lost in the process.

  • Comprehensive global outsourced filing services to include all global markets, including cases without industry standard security identifiers
  • Proprietary technology to capture all securities class action cases and maximize potential for asset recovery
  • Sophisticated data matching technology to identify recovery opportunities
  • Online claims tracking tools allow investors to monitor recovery status, from initial filing to disbursement
  • Complete options filing capability
  • Recognized loss calculations
  • Litigation updates, court documents, and other source material provided by the Securities Class Action Services’ research team

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