Seeing Past the Blind Spots in Climate Finance


Seeing Past the Blind Spots in Climate Finance

MAY 27, 2021


  • Despite increasing global action on climate change, there are some major blind spots that investors should be paying more attention to.
  • Investors are preparing for a climate change transition, but what happens if the transition fails? Planning for climate adaptation may open the way to new investment opportunities, and should at a minimum highlight the urgency of action required.
  • Net Zero commitments are spreading like wildfire, but not many investors are acknowledging the reality that Net Zero targets require not just offsets, but genuine atmospheric carbon reductions.
  • Investors and stakeholders alike are paying increasing attention to the connection between an organization’s words and deeds when it comes to climate change. There is increasing pressure on companies that are involved in lobbying against reasonable regulation on climate change, and activists and other bodies are increasingly turning to climate litigation as a way of pressuring companies to up their game.

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