Outperformance through the use of the ISS-oekom Prime Standard

Outperformance through the use of the ISS-oekom Prime Standard

APRIL 29, 2019

This report gives insight into the effect of using the ISS ESG Corporate Rating on performance, in comparison to conventional investments. During the period from January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2018, i.e., over a time period of 14 years, the ISS-oekom Prime Portfolio Large Caps (PPLC), weighted by market capitalization, achieved a continuous outperformance (with the exception of the first year) in comparison to the benchmark index, MSCI World Total Return Index®. On an aggregated base, the PPLC achieved a cumulative return on investment of 190.95 percent. Over the same period, the cumulative return for the benchmark index came to 174.65 percent.

As a continuation of previous years´ results, this analysis shows that taking sustainability criteria into account does not necessarily entail lower returns or a higher risk. In fact, by taking such criteria into account, investors can obtain a double dividend: generating returns that are at the very least in line with the market — and in this case even higher — while at the same time achieving social, environmental, or ethical goals.

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