ISS-oekom Industry Focus: Textiles & Apparel

ISS-oekom Industry Focus: Textiles & Apparel

MARCH 2019

This ISS-oekom Industry Focus gives insight into the ratings and assessment of the Textiles & Apparel sector. As of February 2019, the Textiles & Apparel industry universe covered in this report comprises 65 companies. Out of these, nine companies received Prime status, which equals 14 percent of coverage firms. Most companies in the industry address sustainability issues but have not implemented sufficient measures to reduce or mitigate the industry’s high environmental and social impacts. In light of these challenges, most companies in the sector do not demonstrate adequate management of sustainability issues. In addition, even the companies with Prime status in accordance to the ISS-oekom methodology do not achieve OPS scores above 60, indicating that even among the forerunners of the industry there is still ample room for improvement when it comes to managing ESG risks.

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