Cannabis Update: Regulatory Trends and Industry Developments

Cannabis Update: Regulatory Trends and Industry Developments

APRIL 24, 2019

For an update on the cannabis industry, we turn to Jay Simpson, Associate Vice President of Sector-Based Screening at ISS ESG, who leads ISS ESG efforts in monitoring trends and developments in the industry. In our discussion, Jay remarks on three key trends in relation to cannabis investments:

  • At the international level, there are clear indications of a potential shift in how cannabis is viewed within United Nations drug controls, including the potential advancement of medical cannabis and decriminalization. However, these international controls currently remain rooted in a prohibitive legal regime.
  • At the national level, countries are increasingly looking to adopt or trial different approaches that emphasize regulation over enforcement – often seemingly at odds with the international regime.
  • At the industry level, companies are straddling medical opportunities and commercial opportunism depending on the varied legislative landscape for medical and recreational cannabis.

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