ISS is dedicated to helping companies and their institutional investors engage with each other on matters of corporate governance. ISS’ institutional investor clients have consistently expressed that a significant challenge they face in company engagement is knowing who to engage with. To meet this need, ISS offers institutional investor clients a company contact solution that delivers the necessary information to initiate engagement with key contact points within companies.

Company representatives that are responsible for investor engagement are invited to submit their contact details using the form below. This information will be delivered to institutional investor subscribers via ISS’ ProxyExchange platform. If you are not the correct contact but you’d like to ensure your institutional investors have an appropriate contact, please provide the details for another individual who is responsible for investor engagement at your organization.

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The following contact data will be displayed in the contact database when provided in the above webform: company name; contact first name, middle, last name; contact title; company country of incorporation; industry sector; contact email address; and company mailing address. Corporations can choose to exclude mailing address and phone number, if desired.

Contact information will be made available through the ProxyExchange platform, ISS’ secure platform for proxy voting and corporate governance. Subscribers will not be provided a mechanism to export and download contact data in bulk; subscribers will also be unable to execute an email to multiple contacts from the ProxyExchange platform. Subscribing institutions will be able to use this contact information only for individual engagement activity. Institutional investor clients will be required to abide by strict rules with regard to acceptable use of this information and are prohibited from using or redistributing company contact information for marketing purposes. Click here for details of the Contact Database Terms of Acceptable Use Policy.

If you have any questions or feedback on the ISS Contact Database, please visit the Help Center portal.

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